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Tom Furrh, The Tax Jedi, believes in building relationships with his clients, and he views these relationships as partnerships. His service is founded on the commitment, dedication and professionalism of our people. The Jedi strives to service his clients by adhering to his own standard of excellence. The Tax Jedi is your source for personal tax help when you don’t think your tax issues can be handled on your own. We work round-the-clock and seven days a week, to ensure the taxpayer’s problem is resolved, and that you are getting the exceptional help.

If you’re looking for a true financial partner, look no further than The Tax Jedi. We invite you to learn more about our firm by reviewing our service areas below. Then contact us—we look forward to helping you discover your true financial potential.

  • Individual and Business Tax Return Planning and Preparation
  • Business Planning & Consultations
  • Payroll Preparation and Taxes
  • Bookkeeping/Monthly Write-up
  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • IRS Audit Support
  • Financial Statement Preparation

Curriculum Vitae:

Property Management:  My father was as wise as Yoda when he was young, and invested intelligently.  From the time I was 8, I was helping to paint and maintain the 31 units he acquired.  I worked my way through college managing them, and boy do I have some stories!  Everything from fires to murder. 

Remodeling:  I earned by General Contractors license in 91 and branched out into remodeling, but quickly found that my talent was as a troubleshooter, and soon had other property managers seeking out my skills.  I put in a few years as a commercial electrician and plumber, but nowadays I’m usually able to figure out what the cause of a problem is over the phone.  Then I send out a handyman to do the work. 

Developing Breadth:  In 95 I earned my Bachelor’s degree in the dual fields of Production and Operations Management, and Management Information Systems.  As a side project, one of my classes took on the job of putting together the first Web Site for the College of Business Administration at CSUSM.  I finished my first Master’s degree in 2005 from the same school in Business Administration.  In December 2017, I will be awarded another Masters, this time in Accountancy with a focus on Tax. 

Growing Vertically:  I earned my Real Estate license in 92, and my Broker’s in 96.  I soon was providing full property management and maintenance services to the public.  By 2000, I was calling myself a Real Property Asset Manager.  Half of my business came from the activities of just a few investors.  I’d identify properties they were interested in, negotiate deals, get them closed and earning rent quickly.  It was my ability to think outside the box, a skill I learned troubleshooting problems at my dad’s apartments, that allowed us to be successful in acquiring, maximizing the income from, then getting top dollar on the sale of investment properties in a highly competitive market.  The other half of my business came from helping our tenants to develop the habits required to build wealth, and I am proud to say that many of them are now investors. 

You’re probably thinking by now “how did he get into taxes?”   Part of a property manager’s duties is to accurately account for all income and expenses, recording everything in a timely fashion, provide a periodic statement, delivered to the client soon enough after the period that they can prepare their Tax Return.  I found that it was a simple thing to organize the various items on the statement to line up with the Schedule E.  Then I started providing my clients with a prepared Schedule E.  Within a few years, I was preparing the entire tax return for most of them, as an added value at no additional cost. 

In 2010, I attended HR Blocks Income Tax Course to provide further depth to my skills, and since tax season just happens to coincide with the slow time in the Real Estate industry, I worked for them for 8 years.  I moved steadily up the ladder into multi office management and took advantage of their education program to achieve the highest level of proficiency that they could provide (Enrolled Agent and Master Tax Advisor).  I worked in one of the highest volume offices, and one of the highest earning offices in the county.  I learned the hard way, though, that I had reached the height of my growth in 2016, which prompted my decision to go back to school to become a CPA.

Now, I am The Tax Jedi.  At Block I became known as the Master Tax Advisor who could quickly and accurately identify the best way to approach our client’s problems.   Now I bring those services directly to you.

Jedi Job Skills

Audit Preparation41
Variance Analysis56
Financial Planning66
Tax Advisory90
Write-up Work80

Jedi Skills

Audit Preparation
Variance Analysis
Financial Planning
Tax Advisory










What Clients Say

Tom has provided tax help to me and my company
from an early stage of our development.

The support that Tom has provided has been excellent, with rapid
and accurate processing of our complex issues.

I have been go to Tom for years now.
He really a standout amidst other accountants.