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The search for yourself is not about going somewhere that is not where you are right now. You can do a “geographic,” if you are going to a place of significance. By coming into my cave, you are entering into the recesses of a mind, soul and body that has been through every type of trauma imagineable. Well, maybe not all. But more than most. But beware!! Are you a Padawan who was raised in the light? Are you motivated by nothing that this world has to offer? Aware of your limitations, are you? You have NO IDEA how little control you have of your life. One day you will find yourself suddenly and visciously murdered, perhaps with your own sword. Yoda is the only Master to die in his bed. But noone had the fame, power and respect of that little green goober.

Perhaps you are more comfortable when the attention of the masses is NOT on you. You want to operate behind the scenes, where the shortcuts are. Fame and recognition of the masses may sound nice, but the only thing to come from it is a magnifying glass as the small people dissect your life, looking for ways to bring you down off your high-horse. Why do they do that? Because they were too lazy to work in the scrutiny of the light. They did not have the patience to wait for the process of time to produce the character that can control the force even in the chaos of war. Light side, Dark side. Both are influenced by the same repositories of wisdom. Both are necessary when the chaos of selfishness permeates the world of the average. It’s only when the mundane is exposed to the extraordinary that the universe expands. it is the struggle, the exertion, being committed in the face of impossible odds, suffering pain, and sometimes losing those who you thought you couldn’t live without, to discover that you only need one person in order to live to your full potential…


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