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Hey Marines! It’s TAX REFUND TIME!!!

Hey Marines!  It’s TAX REFUND TIME!!!
“Hey Marines!”
I just want to give you a heads up that your w-2 will be up on MyPay on 29-Jan!
We don’t know yet when the IRS will be accepting tax returns.  Some years they start accepting them in early January, sometimes in February.  It depends on when they have the forms ready, and when they have their system ready to accept E Filing.
We also don’t know if they will delay releasing the refunds of filers who claim the Earned Income Tax Credit.  Last year, those taxpayers didn’t get their’s until late Febraury.  The IRS wanted more time to verify some of the claims.  This is a BIG DEAL for many of you guys and gals, especially if you’re a sergeant with two kids.  ESPECIALLY if you’ve been in combat.  Even though your combat pay is excluded from income tax calculations, since you did EARN it, you can use it for determining how much EITC you qualify for!  So let’s hope that they don’t delay that one this year.
However, don’t let ANY delay by the IRS keep you from getting into the cue as soon as possible!   Get it into our holding center as soon as you can, just in case there isn’t a delay!!
All right, I gave you something valuable (information) with no compensation for my effort (consideration).  You get to read my sales pitch!  You guys have three choices for tax prep on Cap Pendleton.  VITA, your bunkmate who knows how to use TaxSlayer, or the GREEN office on East side that I used to work at.  I don’t work for that company anymore, but I was sure proud of the two years I was there.  In the words of Tyler Durden, I made over 600 single serving friends each year I worked there.   Even after taking over management of the store in Solana Beach, a couple dozen of you guys still tracked me down.  THAT was AWESOME!
And I know that a LOT of you guys are very saavy financially.  When we first opened that office, we thought we’d do nothing but 1040EZs for the guys in the barracks and 1040As for those in family housing.  Boy were we wrong!   Sure, we prepared more of those returns proportionately than our other offices in Oceanside.  But that still only made up about half of the returns we did.  Turns out that many of you guys like to use your VA loans.  Quickly!    You’re not waiting until you get outt to buy a house and settle down.  Many of you will buy a house every time you PCS, then rent them out after the next change of station!  And small businesses are everywhere on base!  Even LLCs and formal Partnerships.  The corporals who volunteer for VITA are great for the simpler returns.  But the complex stuff?  Look, I appreciate every single one of you.  But I’ve been at this for nearly 20 years.  I’m an EA, and halfway through the exams for the next big step.  You need me.
Some of you who came to see me at the BIG BLOCK were certainly grateful that we were there.  But many of you guys let us know that we were getting unaffordable.  And I’ve seen how much you guys make!  When I was there, we gave a military discount, but I know that the company was trying to stay away from that courtesy.  And guys, that’s what it is, a courtesy.  One of my top rules of sales is NEVER DISCOUNT UP FRONT.  It’s supposed to be a negotiatng tool to use for closing as a last ditch effort.
I’ve lived in Oceanside all my life.  I’ve watched the ebb and flow of the bases’ population through four combat cycles.  Used to be convoys of trucks going down 5 to Coronado.  Now, you’ve got those cool hover craft and other neat toys and tools.  And as I drive past MiraMar on the 805, I can see your memorials, as they encroach further west every year.  Nope, I don’t give any member of the military a discount.  I know what you guys do for me every day.  My youngest daughter was born on 9/18/01.  It’s because of YOU guys that she’s a 16 year old spoiled brat now, and has never had to experience a day like 9/11 in her life.
In fact, I’m not going to charge anything over the value of my time, as a comparable ratio of the value of YOUR time.  Not a commission or contingency, those are illegal, as they present a patent conflict of interest.
When a top performing marine retires after 20, his compensation is about $60,000 a year.  As a civilian he’ll be worth about double that.  By volunteering to keep the war away from my family, you have forgone half of the money you deserved to make as an American.  When I’m working on your tax return, I’ll return the favor.    So the big question is, what’s my value?  I think… $2 million a year.
You can read my CV on another page… but the market seems to think I’m worth about the same as you… in the offseason.  From Jan 1 to April 15, I’m in my own version of a high intensity combat situation.  Through February?  I’m worth about $100/hr.  March?  Closer to $200.  April?  20 hour days?  No sleep?  Under constant pressure from every front?  That’s double overtime.
But I’m doing this for you.  You bring me a comparable coupon, or just a good story, and I’ll take care of you.

Tom Furrh

Enrolled Agent (123633)

General Contractor (609248)
Real Estate Broker (01170986)

760 658 1726

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